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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
1:48 pm - so spinner is an idiot
Seriously Paige I am proud of you. You deserve so much better.

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Friday, November 5th, 2004
2:12 pm - been a while...
so who was there at the car wash? i was chillen with ashley... i hope she was ok with manny being there. awkward... but i kept my full attention to ashley becuz i want to fix our friendship our maybe even more. did anybody notice the flirting between spinner and manny ... shes at it again. good thing paige wasnt there. but seriously spinner dude ur playing with fire. ha ha believe me i no.

current mood: laughable

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
1:16 pm - so guys...
well i heard that manny and jt broke up ... sad ... but then i never saw them good together. jt was always watching me which really freaks me out ... especially in the mens locker room ... that needs to stop...

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Friday, October 1st, 2004
10:33 pm - first day of school and my birthday
wow today was interesting ... didn't run into manny. but i went to my locker and saw streamers and balloons and a happy birthday signs and music notes. then i feel someone bummed into me and it was ashley the first thoughts in my head was ... ashley did. why did i say it outloud? im smooth... right... but it turned out to be marco i love that guy. then at my birthday party i recieved a check from my dads estate for 10,000 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways thats only liek a forth of what i actually get i get the rest when im 18. im happy. then me and ashley actually talked and went to the music store. it was awesome she even convinced me to buy this 4,000 dollar guitar. its great. then when i got home joey asked me to pay rent. i was shocked! but dunt worry guys i got it all straighten out even thou i kind of ran away for a while but its ok now. and i hope things are good for me and ashley...

current mood: determined

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11:09 am - first day is today
i am somewhat excited to see my friends... i want to fix some issuses i caused last year which i am so sorrie for. i mean i look back at my sophomore year and i want to hit myself. i was such an idiot. i mean ashley im sorrie what i did to you was the worse. i was thinking with the wrong head and i know that is not an excuse. then manny ... wow that was all a mess. im kind of nervous about seeing both of you. i mean im not sure what exactly to say. also did i mention that today is my birthday. yep first day of school doesnt that sux. o well good to see all my friends again for my birthday. well i g2g ... see u guys today

current mood: thoughtful

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